Wedding gowns

The process of making a custom made wedding gown usually starts with a sit down consultation to discuss all your potential ideas for your dress. While we can definitely sketch up something unique for you, we encourage our clients to bring in some ideas of what they like from magazines, online, etc. To help make the process a little easier for you, we provide you with a range of bridal fabrics and laces to choose from for your dress. If you do not find the fabric you are looking for with us, we can source it for you saving you the hassle of fabric shopping.

Once you have decided on your design, we send you a quote of an estimated total cost of your gown. The final cost may vary due to factors such as extra time and add-ons that may not be accounted for during the consultation.

Upon agreement, we usually take a 50% deposit of the estimated bill before the first fit and we take your measurements. All measurements are taken on properly fitted lingerie to reduce fitting issues, so it is recommended to wear lingerie you intend to wear to your event.

For a wedding dress, we usually take 3 fits to ensure your gown is moving the direction that you envisioned.

During the 1st fit, we focus on the way the garment sits and fits to your body. Any major changes must be discussed and made at this point to prevent further technicalities.

The 2nd fit is to level the dress and for any minor add ons to the dress. It is recommended that you wear the shoes you intend to wear on the day to this fitting.

The final fitting is to ensure your dream wedding dress is exactly how you pictured it so we can pack it up and send you home wedding-ready.

Since every dress is different and unique in its own way, the pricing for every dress differs.