About Us.

Our Commitment.

Our goal is to work with our brides to create a unique, dream wedding gown to reflect their personality and visions.

Our Journey.

When Pearl Coutinho first started making wedding gowns, it was her passion for sewing that turned her hobby into a business. Her warm personality and natural ability to understand what brides envisioned helped her run a successful business for 16 years and gain recognition as a well-known bridal seamstress in Dubai.

In 2012, she moved to Canada to allow her children to finish their higher education but she never left her passion behind. She worked on smaller projects for a few years and in 2015, she restarted her business in the wedding industry. She teamed up with her daughter, Francesca, who followed in her mothers footsteps and studied Fashion Design from LaSalle College, Montreal. Together they started Coutinho’s Bridals in Canada to help brides design their dream wedding gowns without breaking their budgets.